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Spring Has Sprung!

With the return of warmer weather many fun springtime events and activities become available to participate in.

A Few Events & Activities This April:

Happy Spring From AIR-PIPE!

Upcoming Premier Home Improvement Show

It is officially spring! Trees are budding, tulips are coming up and the birds are back in town. Along with the revival of nature its time for the revival of your home. Home Improvement time is here again and what better way to prepare then to check out the 11th Anniversary of the Premier Home Improvement Show.

AIR-PIPE will have a booth in the main plaza at this years Premier Home Improvement Show, April 16th - 18th, at the Spokane Fair Grounds. Come down, check out the show and stop by our booth. Our staff would appreciate a chance to visit with you face to face and thank you for your patronage. We value your input and appreciate any feedback you would like to provide us regarding your experience with AIR-PIPE.

Have a friend or family member interested in setting up an AIR-PIPE Internet connection? Tell them to stop by our booth. We would be happy to answer any of their questions and prequalify their location. Remember, for every friend you refer who activates service with us, AIR-PIPE will issue a $49.95 credit to your account.

Special Thanks to Aaron's for providing us with a complimentary 40" wide screen TV to use during the show. Visitors of our booth can now check out great photos of recent installs and tower climbing trips, have their location qualified for service, and experience a live demonstration of our AIR-PIPE broadband Internet service.

TECH-TIP: A Guide For Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

Different factors can cause an interruption of your Internet connection. Most stem from issues within your internal network including your home computer(s) and any other network device such as a printer and/or a router.

Here is a list of helpful troubleshooting suggestions to follow if you ever experience issues connecting to the Internet. Download a printable guide here.

  1. Check Other Websites - Make sure the issue is the Internet connection and not an issue with the website you are trying to open. Go to other websites you don't normally visit to see if you are experiencing the same problem.
  2. Reboot Your Computer - Go to the Start menu and choose shut down. Turn your computer off completely, wait for 30 seconds and turn back on. Attempt to get online.
  3. Make Sure Power is Being Supplied to the Installed AIR-PIPE Equipment - A flat black cable about 4 inches long will be either connected directly into the back of your computer or into your router. From that point there will be a small junction connected to a skinny black cable continuing to a larger square black base plugged into a nearby outlet. This POE (Power Over Ethernet) cable supplies power to our equipment outside. If there is a power outage or the POE has been unplugged you will lose connection to the Internet. Make sure the POE is securely plugged into the designated outlet. A green/yellow light should be visibly glowing indicating it is receiving power from the outlet.
  4. AIR-PIPE Troubleshooting Checklist
  5. Power Cycle Your Router and POE - Leave your computer turned on. Locate your router and POE and unplug them from their power sources. Wait for 30 seconds then plug the POE back into the outlet. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes then plug the Router back into the outlet. If you do not have a router then follow the above directions for the POE only, then attempt to get online.
  6. Enable DHCP - Login to your router by entering into your browser's address bar. Then hit Enter. Type in your user name and password to enter your routers user interface. The default user name is 'admin' and the default password is 'admin'. Enter these defaults unless you have previously reset the user name and password in your router. If you forgot your password you will need to manually reset the router by locating the Reset button physically on the router and pushing it in. Then repeat steps above to access your router's interface. Go to the tab labeled 'WAN' or 'Internet'. Go to the settings options. Change your settings from 'Static' or 'Assigned' to 'Dynamic' or 'DHCP'. Depending on the make and model of your router your choices may vary. Make the change and 'Save' or 'Commit' changes to your settings. Consult your router manual for more information.
  7. Reset* Router - Push and hold in the inset button labeled 'Reset' on your router while it is unplugged from the AIR-PIPE connection. Hold for 30 seconds then release. Plug the AIR-PIPE connection back into the router. Attempt to get online. *WARNING - Resetting the router will return it back to the original factory default settings erasing any of your custom settings or preferences.
  8. Check for Obstructions - Due to natural causes outside of our control, the equipment originally installed at your home or business could become obstructed and/or the signal could need an adjustment. Naturally occurring obstructions include but are not limited to: tree growth, water level changes, strong winds and snow buildup or snow fall. We suggest you maintain awareness of the natural surroundings located around installation of our service and take the necessary maintenance steps to ensure an open, clear view from our installed equipment to the tower/relay point. Service calls requested for any event other than AIR-PIPE equipment failure will result in a maintenance call fee. Please review your AIR-PIPE Connectivity Agreement for additional information.

If you continue to experiencing technical difficulties after following the above steps call 509-892-2482. Our technical support department is available 24/7. If you call after regular business hours, please leave a message in the tech support voicemail box and a technician will normally respond to your call within the next twenty minutes.

We suggest you print a copy of the Troubleshooting checklist and keep it close to your computer for easy access when needed.

Free AIR-PIPE Email Accounts With Every Subscription

5 Complimentary AIR-PIPE Emails With Every Account.

Remember you have 5 complimentary AIR-PIPE email addresses available with your subscription to AIR-PIPE rural broadband Internet service.

AIR-PIPE email addresses are web-based which means you have access to your email account anywhere you have access to an Internet connection.

You can also import your AIR-PIPE email account into your computer email software such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail. Instructions directing you how to import your AIR-PIPE email account into one of the above programs is available on our website.

Instructions regarding importing your email to your desktop email system for different brands of email software outside of your AIR-PIPE account are also available on the web by Yahoo, Google and other web-based email providers.

To activate an AIR-PIPE email address on your account please contact our local customer service department.

AIR-PIPE Customer Appreciation

A Big Thank You To Some Of Our Long Term Customers!

Business Customer Appreciation

The staff at AIR-PIPE would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the folks at Artwork Services, located in Spokane, for their long standing subscription to our AIR-PIPE Internet service. (Over 7 years!)

Residential Customer Appreciation

A big thank you also to long time residential customer Mr. Van Helden. (Over 6 years!) The growth that we have experienced in the past years is due to customers like you, who faithfully support our business.

We are honored to be your chosen Internet Service Provider and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

THANK YOU Artwork Services!
THANK YOU Mr. Van Helden!

AIR-PIPE Team Member BIO

Karyn Scott

Karyn Scott, Accounting Assistant

Karyn Scott is an Accounting Assistant for AIR-PIPE and Wired or Wireless, Inc. in the Accounting and Billing Department. Almost two years ago Karyn joined the AIR-PIPE team and brought with her over 17 years of accounting experience.

Karyn is originally from California, but has called the Pacific Northwest home for over 27 years. Karyn states, "My husband, daughter and I moved to Spokane 2 years ago, and I wouldn't live any where else."

As part of the administrative team at AIR-PIPE, Karyn is available if you have any questions or concerns regarding your AIR-PIPE account.