Coverage Area

The Canopy™ system uses a microwave technology that requires a clear line of site from one of our towers to your home or business. The best way to determine if you can connect to the AIR-PIPE network is go to a high point on your property and look in the direction of one of the below towers. If you have any trees or tall buildings obstructing your view we may not be able to provide service to your location.

Please call, fill out our form or send an email with your address and telephone number and we will be happy to check your location in our topographical system and determine whether your location is reachable.

Click on one of the tower locations to see a close up view of the coverage area or view an enlarged version of the map below.

coverage overview map

To find out more about the Moosebytes or Infinity Communications coverage areas please call,
email or fill out our form and a customer service representative will assist you.

Chewelah Hoodoo tower Little Blacktail Tower Meadow Creek Tower Twin Lakes Relay Antoine Peak Tower LLIX Omni Tower Canfield Tower Blossom Mtn Tower Rockford Relay Waverly Relay Tekoa Tower Keeh & Pax Towers Mt Spokane Tower Schweitzer Baldy Tower Moosbytes Coverage Area Moosbytes Coverage Area Moosebytes Coverage Area Moosebytes Coverage Area Deer Lake Mt  Tower Wanakiwin Relay Reardan Tower KKRS Tower Kellogg Coverage Area BLM Tower Black Mtn Tower