Connectivity Agreement

Please view or print our AIR-PIPE Connectivity Agreement at your convenience.
Connectivity Agreement

Pricing Options

Please view or print our AIR-PIPE price package and installation fee options at your convenience.
Pricing Sheet

Credit Card Authorization Form

To activate automatic payment by credit card please print and fax or mail back this form.
Authorization Form

AIR-PIPE Troubleshooting Checklist

If you are experiencing any issues with your connection first check this list for troubleshooting techniques to follow prior to contacting technical support. Most connectivity issues experienced by internet service customers on any network are usually due to local network router issues. We suggest that you print out a copy of this checklist to follow and keep it near your computer or router to reference when needed.
Troubleshooting Checklist

AIR-PIPE Acceptable Use Policy

Please review the AIR-PIPE Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for use as a subscriber on the AIR-PIPE network.