AIR-PIPE photos

Here are a few samples of AIR-PIPE installations at residential locations. To view the tower locations album, simply click on the icon in the lower left hand corner of the slide show viewer. This will allow you to select another album. You can also wait until the installation album has reached completion and it will automatically switch to the tower album.

To view a specific photo, click on the corresponding number below.

AIR-PIPE Video Vault

To view the below video you can download free quicktime software.

AIR-PIPE Tower Climb on Mt SpokaneA large amount of ice build-up occurs on towers at high elevations during the winter season. AIR-PIPE is well equipped with the tools, equipment and vehicles necessary to ensure each tower is properly maintained. Click the image to view a video of one of our tower climbers at work on the tower on top of Mt Spokane.

Dateline Special: "Tower Dogs"