Price Packages

The latest breakthrough in high-speed broadband communications is wireless technology. WOW is offering state-of-the-art wireless broadband featuring the Canopy® system from Motorola. It is fast, affordable, proven, technology, and gives our customers the same speed, security and reliability as Cable and DSL service.

Subscribers receive average burstable download speeds of 5Mbps and upload speeds of 2.5Mbps for browsing and surfing on the WOW Internet connection. These speeds are supported by unbiased statistics received from the World Results™ *

Internet Service Package Options**

Starter Package $49.95/month. Recommended for basic web browsing, online banking, email.
Bronze Package $59.95/month. Recommended for everything in the Starter Package plus short You-Tube videos, and office VPN connections.
Silver Package $69.95 month. Recommended for everything in the Bronze Package, plus minimum quality Netflix and similar Standard Definition (SD) video streaming.
Gold Package $79.95 month. Recommended for everything in the Silver Package plus higher quality video streaming as required by some steaming content providers.
Platinum Package $129.95 month. Useful for the small office/home office with multiple computers/users.Capable of supporting two simultaneous SD video streams.
Custom Package Quote required.Higher capacity service to suit your requirements is available. Please contact our sales department for a free consultation.

5 complementary email addresses available per account activation. Additional email addresses are available for $2.50 a month per email address.

Site Surveys are complementary, unless, upon completion of a successful signal test customer/prospect declines service.

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Installation Fee Options
Contractual Requirements Residential Commercial
1-year Connectivity Agreement $199.00 $399.00
Termination Penalties: Penalty equal to 2 months of service cost for cancellation inside of 1-year.

Why Use an Air-Pipe Wireless Connection?

Fast - Burstable download speeds over 5Mbps are possible.

Reliable - Monitored 24/7 by certified local technicians.

Secure- High-level authentication, DES signal encryption and VPN ready.

Quality Installation- All installations completed with minimum intrusion.

Customer Support- Professional customer support available 24/7. Always on Connection- No waiting to dial in and very low latency.

Web email - Access your email from anywhere you connect to the Internet.

Quality Equipment -Superior Motorola Canopy® technology.

Business or Home-Multiple service packages to suit your specific needs.

Free Up Phone Line - Remove reliance on a second phone line.

VOIP Support -Low Latency, Network Prioritizes VOIP Service.

* Actual speeds can vary and depend on the equipment used to provide your connection, the network usage at the time of day, the customer equipment, and other applications running on your network, etcetera. The advertised speeds are the average of all customers on the network as reported by™.

** The customer may change their package at any time (one change per month) without penalty or extending contract term.

Click here to access a printable price sheet.