Authorized Canopy Reseller

The Canopy System

Authorized Canopy Reseller

Wired or Wireless, Inc, the parent company of AIR-PIPE, is an authorized Cambium Networks™ Canopy™ service provider and an authorized Canopy™ reseller of wireless point to point and wireless point to multipoint products and services, know as a VAR (Value Added Reseller).

Visit Product Info for more information regarding Cambium Networks™ Canopy™ techology used on the AIR-PIPE Rural Broadband Internet network.

For additional information regarding any Cambium Network™ Canopy™ products, Canopy™ wireless technology, or Wired Or Wireless, Inc. services please contact us at your convenience.

  • Canopy™ SM (Subscriber Modules)
  • Canopy™ AP (Access Point)
  • Canopy™ Backhaul
  • Canopy™ Reflector Dishes
  • Canopy™ Accessories