Technical Support

To help ensure a positive customer experience we have provided a list of things to be aware of when connecting to the Internet as well as some trouble shooting techniques for issues with a home network.

We want to make sure that our customers are aware of the steps that should be taken when preparing your computer to connect to the Internet. It is important to keep your Windows updates current. To do this, go to your Internet browser, choose tools, then Windows update. Even though AIR-PIPE’s connection is encrypted, and has it’s own firewall, every individual connecting to the Internet should have an anti-virus program as well as anti-spyware software installed on their personal system. Below are links to recommended pages offering free software to install on your computer.


Troubleshooting | Unable to get Online - [Printable Version]

  • Check Other Websites - Make sure the issue is the Internet connection and not an issue with the opening website. Go to other website you don’t normally visit to see if you are experiencing the same problem.
  • Reboot Your Computer - Go to the Start menu and choose shut down. Turn your computer off completely, wait for 30 seconds and turn back on.
  • Power Cycle Your Router - Leave your computer turned on. Locate your router and unplug it’s power source. Wait for 30 seconds then plug back in.
  • Enable DHCP - Log into your router. Go to the tab labeled ‘WAN’ or ‘Internet’. Go to the settings options. Change your settings from ‘Static‘ or ‘Assigned’ to ‘Dynamic’ or ‘DHCP’. Depending on the make and model of your router your choices may vary. Make the change and ‘Save’ or ‘Commit’ changes to your settings.
  • Reset* Router - Push and hold in the inset button labeled ‘Reset’ on your router while it is unplugged from the AIR-PIPE connection. Hold for 30 seconds then release. Plug the AIR-PIPE connection back into the router.*WARNING - Resetting your router will restore the factory default settings and erase any custom settings and preferences you entered.

Speed Test

  • Run a Speed Test - If you are concerned about whether you are receiving the correct speed for the package you subscribed to, you can test it on-line. There are many speed test website available like SPEEDTEST.NET where you can verify your transfer speed FREE of charge.

We suggest you keep this printable copy of the above steps in the AIR-PIPE Troubleshooting Checklist next to your computer to reference when needed.

If you are an AIR-PIPE customer and are still experiencing issues after having gone through the above steps, please do not hesitiate to call our techinical department at 509 892-2482. Our technical support department is available 24/7. If you call after regular business hours, please leave a message in the tech support voice mail box and a technician will respond to your call as soon as possible.